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I would love to get your feedback about Double Match Triangulator - good or bad. What do you think of it? How does it fit your needs? Does it do what you want? How do you think it compares to other autosomal DNA analysis tools? ... or anything else you might want to say to me.

Your opinions will help me to develop a program that is best for you and for everyone.

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Double Match Triangulator won 3rd Place in the Innovator Showdown at RootsTech 2017 in Salt Lake City

Double Match Triangulator is one the utilities for "Using DNA match results" listed under Autosomal DNA tools at the ISOGG Wiki


User Feedback (I received their permission to post these)

"Wow is all I can say ... there is a lot there and it will take time to digest it all"

- Sandy Aaronson, Oct 20, 2016


Opinions about Double Match Triangulator found on the Web or in print

"I do recommend the DMT program to anyone just starting out, or floundering with other methods. If one wants to do TGs and chromosome mapping, it's important to find a methodology and use it.

- Jim Bartlett, 26 Jan 2017 on the ISOGG Facebook page.

"This is a very technical application ... the program itself works in a logical manner"

- Your Family History magazine, January 2017 issue

"Now we'll look at a third party Triangulation Tool that uses FTDNA Data" - DNA 101 - Using GEDMATCH and DMT (Double Match Triangulator) for Genealogical Research

- presented to the Tennessee Genealogical Society by Debbie Atchley, Nov 19, 2016

"for the intermediate to advanced researcher ... it's a lovely piece of work"

- Judy Russell on The Legal Genealogist, November 7, 2016